Prospector hunt

The prospectors are loose.

Catch as many prospectors on the site as possible.

About the prospectors
VIP Prospector: When you catch me your weekly highscore will be increased by 1 point (only for VIP members)
The Promo Prospector: Catch me and get an extra good deal.
Ticket Prospector: When you catch me, you get an additional entry for the monthly draw, which occurs on the 1st of each month.
Coin Prospector: When you catch me you get 10 coins.
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How to play
Difficulty level :
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Difficulty level

The difficulty level at is measured by how difficult it is to win the prize.
For example, if there is 1 prospector shown, then it is very easy to win the prize.
If the difficulty level shows 5 prospectors, then it would be very hard to win the prize.

This week's prize
500 Coins
Next draw:
This week's TOP 10
No highscores have been set yet - you can be the first.
Overall TOP 10
PEYO, France 71 prospectors
G., Denmark 66 prospectors
G., Denmark 54 prospectors
PEYO, France 53 prospectors
PEYO, France 52 prospectors
PEYO, France 49 prospectors
G., Denmark 45 prospectors
PEYO, France 42 prospectors
G., Denmark 42 prospectors
PEYO, France 41 prospectors

How to play: Prospector hunt

In Prospector hunt the goal is to find prospectors. In short, you need to find the prospectors that are hidden around the site. Keep a sharp eye out for these prospectors which will pop up every once in a while.

There are five types of prospectors each with their own value:

This is the VIP Prospector. When you catch him you get 1 point added to your weekly Prospector hunt high score, which can be seen to the right (only for VIP members).
This is the Promo Prospector. When you catch him you will be offered an extra great deal.
This is the Ticket Prospector. When you catch him, you get an additional ticket in the Monthly Draw.
This is the Coin Prospector. When you catch him you get 10 coins.

For VIP members:
The prospector hunter who tops the weekly highscore with the most points at the next draw wins the prize.

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